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Eye 4an Eye provides reliable and tailored VIP and celebrity protection for your needs. We have been protecting organizations, their assets, and reputations all around the world. 

Our Mission:

Provide personal protection for yourself, your family, your residence or business. Provide our clients with the most qualified, dependable and professional personel available in the industry. Provide you the total security you deserve.

Why Choose Us.

We offer 24 hour supervision.

All clients have direct access to our management.

We guarantee our service.

Our company is bonded and insured.

Our values and integrity define us, our  focus and commitment to excellence  sets us apart!


Our Work:

Eye 4an Eye Protective Agency is a fully licensed/bonded security and executive protection agency providing full service investigations and security. We pride ourselves in ensuring that we provide the security information you need in a timely manner. Having that information readily available to you allows you to complete your business efficiently and gives you the competitive edge in negotiating your business wisely.

Risk Profile Assessment:

Most companies have come to realize that enlisting the services of specialists is a more cost efficient and time saving approach to getting the information they need.  Understanding the dynamic need for time efficiency provides you the ability to present prompt and more through results to your clients that cannot be obtained otherwise.


Risk Advisory Services

Real-time risk analysis for your private portection

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